Human isogenic cells of the neurovascular unit exert transcriptomic cell type-specific effects on a blood-brain barrier in vitro model of late-onset Alzheimer disease


Cell type-dependent transcriptional effects on LOAD BCECs were identified. Our study suggests that different brain cell types of the NVU have unique roles in maintaining barrier integrity that vary under healthy and LOAD conditions. . © 2023. The Author(s).

Authors Haferkamp U, Hartmann C, Abid CL, Brachner A, Höchner A, Gerhartl A, Harwardt B, Leckzik S, Leu J, Metzger M, Nastainczyk-Wulf M, Neuhaus W, Oerter S, Pless O, Rujescu D, Jung M, Appelt-Menzel A
Journal Fluids and barriers of the CNS
Publication Date 2023 Oct 31;20(1):78
PubMed 37907966
PubMed Central PMC10617216
DOI 10.1186/s12987-023-00471-y

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