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hPSCreg Name
Cell line type Human embryonic stem cell (hESC)
Last update 28th September 2021
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Generator Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI)
Derivation country Australia

External Databases

BioSamples SAMEA9462434
CLO CLO_0103485
Cellosaurus CVCL_C0CN
Wikidata Q112929540

General Information

* Is the cell line readily obtainable for third parties?
Research use: allowed
Clinical use: not allowed
Commercial use: not allowed
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Donor Information

General Donor Information

Sex female

Phenotype and Disease related information (Donor)

Diseases No disease was diagnosed.

Other Genotyping (Donor)

Is there genome-wide genotyping or functional data available?

Donor Relations

Other cell lines of this donor

External Databases (Donor)

BioSamples SAMEA104620499


Also have a look at the ethics information for the parental line ESIBIe003-A .
Is there an MTA available for the cell line? No
Are you aware of any constraints on the use or distribution of the cell line from the owner or any parties identified in the query above? No

hESC Derivation

The source cell information can be found in the parental cell line ESIBIe003-A.

Culture Conditions


No characterisation data could be found for this subclone. Please open parental cell line ESIBIe003-A .


Karyotyping (Cell Line)

Other Genotyping (Cell Line)

Genetic Modification

Genetic modifications not related to a disease
INSULIN (target)
Gene knock-in
cytoband location 11p15.5
GFP was inserted into one allele of the INSULIN locus as described in Micallef et al 2012
Homologous Recombination
GLUCAGON (target)
Gene knock-in
cytoband location 2q24.2
mCherry was inserted into one allele of the GLUCAGON locus as described in Labonne et al 2021