Cell Line

hPSCreg Name RGIe156-A
Alternative name(s)
Cell line type Human embryonic stem cell (hESC)
Last update 22nd May 2019
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Generator Reproductive Genetics Institute (RGI)
Derivation country United States

External Databases

Cellosaurus CVCL_B676

General Information

* Is the cell line readily obtainable for third parties?

Donor Information#

General Donor Information

Phenotype and Disease related information (Donor)

Diseases A disease was diagnosed.
Cystic fibrosis
The donor is affected.
  • Mucoviscidosis
  • CF


Was the embryo established purely for research purposes? No
Have both parents consented to the use of the embryo for ESC derivation? Yes
Has informed consent been obtained from the donor of the embryo/tissue from which the pluripotent stem cells have been derived? Yes
Was the consent voluntarily given? Yes
Alternatives to consent are available? Yes
Alternatives to consent
Please indicate whether the data associated with the donated material has been pseudonymised or anonymised. anonymised
Does consent explicitly allow the derivation of pluripotent stem cells? Yes
Will the donor expect to receive financial benefit, beyond reasonable expenses, in return for donating the biosample? No
Has a favourable opinion been obtained from a research ethics committee, or other ethics review panel, in relation to the Research Protocol including the consent provisions? Yes
Name of accrediting authority involved?
Approval number

hESC Derivation#

Supernumerary embryos from IVF treatment?
PGD Embryo?

Culture Conditions#


No characterisation data could be found.


Karyotyping (Cell Line)

Other Genotyping (Cell Line)