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Cell line type Human embryonic stem cell (hESC)
Last update 15th April 2022
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Generator University of Houston - Main Campus (UHMC)

External Databases

BioSamples SAMEA6260533
Cellosaurus CVCL_YC93
CLO CLO_0102912
Wikidata Q98134703

General Information

* Is the cell line readily obtainable for third parties?
Research use: allowed
Clinical use: not allowed
Commercial use: not allowed
Subclone of

Donor Information

General Donor Information

Sex male
Ethnicity N/A

Phenotype and Disease related information (Donor)

Diseases No disease was diagnosed.
Family history NO
Is the medical history available upon request? NO
Is clinical information available? NO

Karyotyping (Donor)

Has the donor karyotype been analysed?

Other Genotyping (Donor)

Is there genome-wide genotyping or functional data available?

Donor Relations

Other cell lines of this donor
All cell lines of this donor's relatives

External Databases (Donor)

BioSamples SAMEA7767418


Also have a look at the ethics information for the parental line WAe001-A .
Is there an MTA available for the cell line? No
Are you aware of any constraints on the use or distribution of the cell line from the owner or any parties identified in the query above? No

hESC Derivation

The source cell information can be found in the parental cell line WAe001-A.

Culture Conditions

Surface coating Matrigel/Geltrex
Feeder cells
Passage method Enzymatically
CO2 Concentration 5 %
Medium mTeSR™ 1
Has Rock inhibitor (Y27632) been used at passage previously with this cell line?
Has Rock inhibitor (Y27632) been used at cryo previously with this cell line?
Has Rock inhibitor (Y27632) been used at thaw previously with this cell line?


No characterisation data could be found for this subclone. Please open parental cell line WAe001-A .


Karyotyping (Cell Line)

Other Genotyping (Cell Line)

Genetic Modification

Disease/phenotype related modifications
copper ion binding
Genetic modifications
Genetic modifications not related to a disease
mCherry (target)
Transgene expression
cytoband location: 5q33.1
One allele of this variant clone has mCherry insertion which will express functional mCherry-ATOX1 fusion protein. The other allele has a small deletion at 5-UTR of ATOX1, which silence the expression of untagged ATOX1 protein.
CRISPR-associated (CRISPR/Cas) System