Czech Republic

Legal status
Key organization Ministry of Health, Central Ethics Committee (Czech)
Policy hESC research is allowed from hESC lines obtained from redundant IVF embryos under informed consent aproval and providing that the embryo is not older than 7 days; or from imported hESC lines. Research with hESC is regulated by law number 227/2006 on research on hESC and related activities. Reproductive cloning is prohibited.
Legislation ACT of 26 April 2006 on Research on Human Embryonic stem cells No. 227/2006 Sb. (Coll.):
Legislation Link
Research with embryo Allowed if follows the Czech Republic legislation.
Somatic cell nuclear transfer Reproductive cloning is prohibited.
Privacy and data protection Position No. 3/2004 Personal Data processing in the context of Clinical Testing of Drugs and other medical substances.


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