Legal status
Key organization Federal Commission for Medical and Scientific Research on Embryos in Vitro
Policy Research on hESC in Belgium is allowed and it is regulated by the law for research on in vitro embryos and the law on Medically Assisted Reproduction and the Destination of Supernumerary Embryos and Gametes (2007). For hESC derivation, embryos from surplus IVF embryos or, under certain conditions, created for research can be used. Reproductive cloning is prohibited.
Legislation Law on medically assisted procreation and the destination of surplus embryos and gametesLaw regarding research on in vitro embryos
Legislation Link Loi relative à la procreation médicalement assistée et à la destination des embryons surnuméraires et des gametes; of July 1st, 2007. relative à la recherché sur les embryons in vitro; of May 2, 2003.
Research with embryo Embryos can be used for research.Creation of embryos for research is permitted, when research can be achieved using supernumerary embryos. (within 14 days of development)
Embryo donation and cryopreservation Embryos not implanted can be cryopreserved. Can also be destroyed, or donated.
Privacy and data protection Law of December 8, 1992 on Privacy Protection in Relation to the Processing of Personal Data as Modified by the Law of December 11, 1998 Implementing Directive 95/46/EC:



hESC Cell lines

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