Legal status
Key organization Ministry of Health (Italian) National Bioethics Committee
Policy hESC research is prohibited unless it is specifically aimed at improving the therapeutic and medical condition of the embryo concerned. Derivation of embryonic stem cell lines is prohibited. Embryonic cell import is allowed for research.
Legislation Regulation of Medically Assisted Reproduction, Law No. 40, Article 13 (2004)
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Embryonic stem cell research policy The opinion of a local ethics committee is required prior to the import of hES cell lines.
Research with embryo Any experimentation on human embryos is expressly prohibits by Law 40/2004.
Somatic cell nuclear transfer Forbidden.
Genetic modification or selection Forbidden.
Privacy and data protection Italian Personal Data Protection Code, Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003: ante/doc.jsp?ID=1030925



hESC Cell lines

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