Legal status
Key organization Swedish Research Council
Policy hESC research is allowed if IVF embryos of up to 14 days post-fertilisation are used or after SCNT. Therapeutic cloning is allowed if hereditary genetic traits remain unchanged. Reproductive cloning is banned.
Regulations 1. Legal Regulation of Stem Cell Research 2002:119: http://www.regeringen.se/sb/d/108/a/2717 2. Regulations and Guidelines for the Use of Tissues and Cells in Healthcare and Clinical Research - SOSFS 2009:32: http://www.socialstyrelsen.se/sosfs/2009-32
Legislation Act on Genetic Integrity (2006:351)
Legislation Link http://www.notisum.se/rnp/sls/lag/20060351.htm
Embryonic stem cell research policy hESC reseach is allowed with the approval by a Regional Research Ethics Board.
Research with embryo Research with embryo is allowed. In fact, the creation of embryo for research is also allowed with the approval by a Regional Research Ethics Board.
Embryo donation and cryopreservation Embryo donation and cryopreservation is allowed in Sweden.
Somatic cell nuclear transfer SCNT is allowed for research purposes.
Privacy and data protection Patient Data Act: SFS 2008:355 (Swedish): http://www.notisum.se/rnp/sls/lag/20080355.htm



hESC Cell lines

hiPSC Cell lines