Legal status
Key organization Central Committee for Research Involving Human Subjects (CCMO)
Policy hESC research using IVF embryos or embryos created for research is authorised if legally approved and only if the embryo is used within 14 days of fertilisation. Research is prohibited if its purpose is the birth of genetically identical individuals, germ line genetic modification, the combination of human and animal gametes aiming at the creation of multicellular hybrids, the creation and/or implantation of chimera, the implantation of human embryos into an animal and the implantation of animal embryos into a human. Embryo sex selection is prohibited unless there is risk of serious sex-linked hereditary disease. No distinction is made between research and treatment in the field of (stem) cell therapy.
Legislation Embryos Act (2002):
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Embryonic stem cell research policy Embryonic stem cells can be derived if a favourable recomendationon the research protocol is recieved from the Central Committee.
Research with embryo Research involving embryos, including research involving gametes leading to the creation of embryos, shall be performed in accordance with a specially drafted research protocol which contains a full description of the intended research. The research shall be permitted only if a favourable recommendation on the research protocol  is received from the Central Committee.
Somatic cell nuclear transfer SCNT is forbidden.
Privacy and data protection Personal Data Protection Act (2004) (Dutch):



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