Legal status
Key organization Central Ethics Committee for Stem-Cell Research (ZES)
Policy After December 2001, hESCs cannot be created or derived. Cloning is prohibited. hESC research is allowed only if imported cell lines produced before May 1, 2007 are used and only if proven vital for the development of new medical and scientific knowledge.
Legislation Embryo Protection Act and Stem Cell Act
Legislation Link http// and
Embryonic stem cell research policy hESC production is forbidden. hESC research is permitted under restrictive legal conditions, if the lines used were derived before 2007.
Research with embryo Embryo research is forbbiden.
Embryo donation and cryopreservation The Embryonic protection Act prohibits embryo donation for research purposes.
Somatic cell nuclear transfer SCNT is prohibited



hESC Cell lines

hiPSC Cell lines